About This Work 



This particular body of work is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s story, “The Little Mermaid”. My interest in the construct of a female “monster” half woman and half fish is mesmerizing and fantastic and has paved an interesting narrative in my work. The mermaid as archetype has historical and mythical significance in every culture on the globe. 

As the artist of these works, I chose the expressionistic style to elucidate the story from my point of view and tie in with the Little Mermaid’s fantastic  journey. Historically, expressionism was the rejection of realism, and the effect is symbolic and extraordinary. Fantasy has always been a part of my work and folk tales and fairy tales seemingly lend themselves to this highly stylized treatment.


As I previously mentioned the idea of “monster” enthrals me, especially the idea of a “feminine” monster, and again form follows content with violent brushwork, intense colour, exaggeration, and large scale in this series. 

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